1556-social interaction and understanding

A Social Interaction and understanding the classroom tool kit


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Product Description

This bag contains a range of resources to aid social understanding and interaction, including; emotions, behaviour and consequences, with over 100 symbols. This kit is an ideal classroom tool kit to support children’s understanding of social interaction in 3 main areas; Emotions, Behaviour and Consequence.

The conversations starter cards can be used for the whole class to learn about their emotions and explore; facial expressions, what causes that emotion, how to recognise if someone else is feeling that emotion and how to help them.

This extends to looking at different  behaviours and how they can express them appropriately.


  • 1x Conversation abot Emotions, Behaviour and Consequences kit in a tin ( 50 Symbols + questions)
  • 1 x Set of positive social rules and positive praise fans on a¬† lanyard (20 symbols)
  • 1 x I feel fan (facial expressions & emotions, 10 symbols)
  • 1 x traffic light fan ( 3 symbols)
  • 1 x set of How do you feel symbols on a lanyard
  • 1 x I want to say and I need fans on a lanyard