Autism Resource Kit for Classrooms


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Product Description

This sets contains large practical tools which help to support children with Autism in the classroom. A fantastic resource for the classroom to support children on the Autistic Spectrum. Can also be used to support other children who have social communication difficulties and whose first language is not English.

These resources will help to reduce their anxieties and worries, as it will help them to understand what is happening within the busy classroom. For example, what is happening next, the daily routines, support them to make choices and communicate more effectively.


  • 1 x storage bag
  • 1 x pyramid display board
  • 24 x visual communication symbols printed on foam boards
  • 4 x small dry wipe tiles, (so you can make your  own symbols, or write words)
  • 1 x fine line dry wipe pen
  • 1 x word tiles ‘now,’ ‘then,’ ‘and’, ‘or’
  • 4 x visual symbol fans on 2 x safety lanyards