Combined Senses Discovery Tub


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Product Description

This Combined Senses Discovery Tub is an ideal Christmas present for children with Autism. It contains a variety of different sensory resources which will provide stimulation of their visual, auditory and tactile senses.


1 x Sand Timer, Mega
1 x Ooze Tube, Mega
1 x Shake n Shine
1 x Kaleidoscope Glitter Wand
1 x LED Multi Spinner
1 x Spiral Glitter Tube
1 x Magic Power Ball

1 x Ocean Drum
1 x Bumble Ball
1 x Waterfall Tube
1 x Wiggly Giggly, Small
1 x Musical LED Spinner
1 x Wrist Bells
1 x Clatterpillar
1 x Giggle Bag

1 x Puffer Ball
1 x Massage Ball
1 X Pinpressions
1 x Four wheel Massager
5 x Hedgehog Balls
1 x Brush Set
1 x Bug Massager

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